Sarah Wilkinson – Team NZ – International Dressage Rider

It’s been great having access to The Hub and the variety of professionals involved there. As an equestrian you can quite literally benefit in all areas of your performance by making use of everything The Hub has to offer. And everyone from chiropractor, pilates to performance psychologists are tuned in to your individual needs and requirements! I really like being able to do biomechanics with my girls in the morning, put them in a stable and the rest of the morning working with The Hub team.

I’d highly recommend anyone wanting to improve their performance to try The Hub!



Something I love about working with Dee is her open-mindedness at trying new ideas and ways to improve performance.

Earlier this year Dee started to use her bands with me and incorporate them into my training. They were amazing at highlighting areas in my riding that needed improvement.

What they highlighted for me, especially the arm bands, was how to use my body (core/back) more effectively instead of relying on my hands and arms. Naturally, I think riders are too dominant with their hands but after riding in these arm bands I noticed a massive difference in how light my hands became afterwards.

The body bands have also been great at pin pointing the imbalances I have in my body. For me, one of the biggest issues when riding horses is having a ‘weak’ or less flexible side. It can have a big impact on a horses way of going and these bands put you in a position where you must use your body more correctly. We have used these throughout the year in my trainings, while working on improvements to have the bands as effective and comfortable as possible.

I would highly recommend the bands for riders wanting to improve their position and overall performance!