I started using Dee a few weeks after I came out of hospital from a broken tibia which had plastic surgery. Dee came to my house as I was house bound. With her help I have progressed so much faster than anyone could ever of thought. I’m now back driving, riding and also started competing. This all due to Dee and her massages and knowledge. She has also treated my mare, Dee again with her patentice and knowledge has helped her too. But the best thing that came out of meeting Dee is my husband and his understanding of how good massage is! to start he just thought it was a waste and what would it achieve! Then when he had a bad muscle spasm just before the a 1/2 marathon this year, who did he ask to help him…. Dee, so she now treats all 3 of us. Thank you so much Dee I wouldn’t be doing what I do without you. Not bad for someone who broke their leg 5 months ago!