Sue Orpen

I was a bit sceptical to begin with when Dee pointed out I didn’t even walk properly!! I have had brilliant Zoom sessions with both Dee and Lauren and they are both thorough and perceptive. I’ve also seen the value of riding with EQ bands guided by Dee. Hard work but definitely worth it!


Jo Winfield

Working with horses, teaching and training – being on your feet all day and staying energetic and focused requires being fit and well. I also take part in Triathlons to support my riding fitness. The Hub has been part of my support team to keep me fit, strong, supple and functioning to the best of my ability. I love my regular visits and my body feels the immediate benefit too. This allows me to continue with my training, stay fit, healthy and injury free.


The most effective way to improve the horses way of going is to develop an independent educated rider, who is in control of their own position, posture and balance. Teaching this ‘feel’ can be challenging but using the EQ Bands alongside my coaching practice enables my rider’s to develop their posture and balance which improves their effectiveness as an independent rider.


Lara Butler

The Hub is something needed in our sport and both that and the bands are a fantastic concept that I think every rider should have access too.

As a top rider I’m personally looking to improve every tiny little detail that I can so being able to do biomechanics with the bands, performance psychology & S&C all in one place is incredible.

The EQ Bands make me aware of areas that need a little work as they highlight the weaker areas. I think we can all believe we are doing something even when our trainer is telling us to do it but the bands don’t let you cheat so you really have to activate those muscles that don’t necessarily like working!

Also the great thing about The Hb and the EQBands are they can be used by anyone!


Charlotte Dujardin

All of the horses progress is never just down to the rider or training but also the invaluable contribution of the wider team. I have worked with Dee for a few years now….she plays an important part in my horses progress and success and I’m very grateful to her. Dee also shows you exercises to transform your core; something we work on a lot together that helps immensely with my riding…She also loves the horses ….and is incredible at what she does


Caitlin Burgess

Dee has helped me to become a more effective rider and introduced me to the rest of her team at the Dynamic Performance Hub, improving myself both mentally and physically. It is amazing to feel the difference in myself and my horses in such a short period of time. I highly recommend Dee and the whole team at the Dynamic Performance Hub.