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For some reason, female health can be a very taboo subject, and possibly an even greater taboo in equestrian sport. White breeches are sometimes risky and often most female riders don't feel comfortable talking about their personal health on many levels. Although we all are individuals, often many are suffering in silence due to the age old ‘just get on with it’ mentality in the sport. Some symptoms may be common but that does not necessarily mean they are ‘normal’. There is also the need for females in every sport to feel comfortable to talk about starting families and having access to support in a variety of ways after pregnancy.

After Dee started working with many women at the top of their sport both during and after pregnancy and helping riders, particularly with pelvic floor exercises, female health became of great interest and she felt it was an area firstly, not spoken about enough on a general basis in equestrian sport, but something that needed to be available to all female riders, mums or not.

A weak pelvic floor is less effective at supporting the pelvic organs and therefore due to the very nature of our sport requiring sitting in a saddle and absorbing a horses movement through the pelvis, it is a difficult weakness for a rider to have. Our highly trained women’s health physiotherapist helps a variety of female riders at all levels and at any stage of your life with the strictest confidentiality. Through advice, specific exercises, and sometimes manual therapy, they will be able to assess symptoms, and develop a clear and comfortable treatment plan tailored specifically for you.

Please feel free to call directly and know that client confidentiality is of the highest importance to us. 

At The Hub we love supporting our riders but also supporting each other and working as a team to support you. However we do know, there’s somethings we just don’t like sharing and that’s absolutely fine.

Contact us to see our women health physiotherapist for any of the following symptoms:

Painful or tight scar tissue

Vaginal Pain

Pelvic Pain

Lack of pelvic strength when riding

Increased Urinary Frequency

Urinary or Bowel Incontinence

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

This is an aspect of The Hub we are very keen to grow so for those interested please contact Dee directly so she can arrange a day with the expert in this field. 

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