Dynamic Coaching


Callum has spent years shadowing and working with the best riders and coaches in the world, and has now developed his own system; quickly  developing a reputation for producing safe and confident horses and riders. 

‘Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime’.

Callum loves to build a long term relationship with his riders to develop world class basics and build their own system that they can stick to as they go through the levels and onto success.

Our camps are in a league of their own with the world class training we offer, with the huge benefit of having 4 sessions with the same trainer (or if different trainers then they have been matched with another that works towards the same plan) allowing you to consolidate on each session.
We always have such a fantastic group of riders at each camp, and being a small group, usually 16 riders maximum, everyone leaves with new friends and more likely than not keep in touch with each other.
It’s quite special to see riders that have met complete strangers on a camp leaving like they have known each other for years, then going on to help each other at events and following progress online.

“I found the grid work and course jumping sessions invaluable. You helped me to evaluable my own riding after each “go” and think for myself about what went well and what could be better rather than just telling me”

“The cross country session really pushed my comfort zone and there is no way I would have picked the majority of the fences in my own schooling session! It rounded off the camp perfectly, taking everything we had learned so far and putting it into practice. It gave me so much faith in Mathilda and my own abilities that it doesn’t matter the fence height if I apply the same principles “
“Probably the most productive xc session I’ve had. Thank you!”
“If you thinking of doing a camp, don’t think twice, just book it. Roll on the 2022 season”

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