Dynamic Strength & Conditioning

To be at the top now, riders have to be thinking outside the box and working on themselves as much as their horses.

The vast majority of the top riders in all disciplines now spend a significant amount of time focussing on what they can do to be a better rider through strength and conditioning.

Riding alone isn’t enough, so we focus on providing you with a fully bespoke strength and conditioning programme.

Riders need specific skills, strengths, fitness and general abilities for the sport and discipline and therefore the stretches, movements and exercises need to be carefully considered. A show jumper for example, has similar fitness needs, but different attributes to a dressage rider and therefore discipline specific S&C is required.

Contact us to see how rider based strength and conditioning can help you, with access to top of the range kit in a rider specific S&C facility at our wonderful hub, inside includes a reformer and water rower, to being able to workout outside on your  fitness and strength, whilst overlooking the horses fields. We focus on what you and most likely your horses need us to focus on, whilst always keeping it fun and dynamic.

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At the hub we like to get a full picture of your needs and work together to provide you with a programme that suits you. It’s important for us to consider every aspect of performance and therefore our strength and conditioning and pilates teams work closely to help you be the best athlete you can be at any level. Our S&C work will be heavily focused on in a programme, but we love pilates too and know how important it is, so we will often add some into your programme too, but for our pure pilates experts, check out the pilates section below.

Our S&C experts can help you as an individual or we can work with your whole team at home. Our dream is to have yards working like an F1 team, in which everyone is working together for one another. From the mechanics, engineers, drivers and pit stop team, they all work on their strength and conditioning and make sure everyone is feeling fit and strong to get the most out of that car and that driver, and that is how we think equestrian teams should be too.

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