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Mental state is everything. You can do all the other training and performance related preperation but without coming down that centre line or out of that start box with the right frame of mind, your chances of success are rare. Performance Psychology enables riders to understand and articulate their emotions, enabling better human and therefore equine performance

Riders of all levels can struggle with mental focus and programming at competition. There is now a huge amount of pressure on riders to perform, this can sometimes be from owners, sponsors, parents, the public, the industry or of course the riders themselves. Every riders situation can be different, and each has to be treated as such. Some riders feel the pressure from the very unique format in competing against Olympians, or those with ‘better horses’ equally there can be huge pressures on younger riders who have taken on such a partnership. 

Everyone handles these situations differently, uses different tools and techniques and therefore it is pivotal to find a performance psychologist that suits you.

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Performance psychology is something we recommend to many of the riders, of all levels that we work with and we have a great team at The Hub to cater for everybody. 

Our dream is to have yards working like an F1 team, in which everyone is working together for one another. From the mechanics, engineers, drivers and pit stop team, they all work on their psychology, sports therapy, analytics, strength and conditioning etc.. to make sure everyone is feeling fit and strong, mentally and physically, to get the most out of that car and that driver. 

That is how we think equestrian teams should be too, and if you’d like us to help, get in touch and we can put the right cogs in the wheels. 

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