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We believe Pilates should be incorporated to some degree in all riders off-horse training to aid functional stability, balance, strength, and flexibility, which are all key performance requirements for any rider in any discipline. ‘Functional’ is the key word when we talk about rider-specific pilates or strength and conditioning, as this refers to making it both sport and discipline specific. 

We offer both reformer pilates on our bespoke and handcrafted in Scandinavia reformer and floor pilates. Please be sure to request which you wish to do or it is also no problem if you would like to do both.

Riders need specific skills, fitness and general abilities, and therefore the stretches, movements and exercises need to be carefully considered. A show jumper needs similar but different attributes to a dressage rider for example and therefore equestrian but discipline specific pilates is required in some form to your training.

Contact us to see how we and our pilates experts can help you, from reformer-based pilates at the Hub with our top-of-the-range equipment from Pilates Scandinavia, one to one work in our studio or in groups on our beautiful arena, at your yard or even online, we will make a plan to help you.

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‘Arena Evening Pilates’ will run in spring/summer. Contact us to put your name down.

At The Hub we like to look at everything and therefore we also work together to provide you with a programme that suits you and looks at both pilates and strength and conditioning. It’s important for us to consider and focus on every aspect, and therefore our strength and conditioning and pilates teams work together to help you be the best athlete you can be, at any level.

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