Dynamic Physiotherapy

Using non invasive hands on techniques and electrotherapy to restore and maintain joint range, skeletal suppleness and muscle balance to maximise performance. We work within the Veterinary Surgeons act and work alongside your vet, farrier and saddler.

Ensuring a complete approach, whether as maintenance care or to provide rehabilitation following veterinary treatment post operatively or after general injuries.

We have fantastic facilities to help your horse get back to its full performance, with top class stabling, arena and lungeing surfaces, full range of caveletti, world class therapeutic equipment, lots of experts in one spot and more.

There is often lots of confusion in the industry as to the difference between therapies and therapist’s. Its really important to know as to who, what and when is most suitable and most importantly why! 

Physiotherapists are different to soft tissue/sports therapists in that they specialise in rehabilitation and are typically more injuries, strength based. It is really important to know your doing the correct exercises and strengthening work if your horse is recovering from injury or has asymmetries that are affecting their performance and comfortability. 

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A Physiotherapist will examine spinal stiffness, pain, assess joint range, restrictions and movement, muscular function, skeletal symmetry and provide a treatment and exercise programme tailored to your horse. 

We all however work together so that your horse and you are supported for what you need at that time. 

At The Hub we like to look at everything and therefore we work together to provide you with a programme that suits you. Its important for us to consider and focus on every aspect and therefore our strength and conditioning and pilates teams work closely together to help you be the best athlete you can be, at what ever level that be. The physiotherapy work will be heavily focussed on just that but we love biomechanics too and know how important it is for riders to see what they are doing, so this can be incorporated within. 

Our dream is to have yards working like an F1 team, in which everyone is working together for one another. From the mechanics, engineers, drivers and pit stop team, they all work on their strength and conditioning and make sure everyone is feeling fit and strong to get the most out of that car and that driver, and that is how we think equestrian teams should be too.

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