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Riders will typically analyse everything that goes into their horses diet and understand how feed quality effects each individual horses behaviour, performance, and condition, yet struggle to tell us what goes into their own diet on a very basic level.

Equestrian sport is way behind in the field of nutrition for its riders, and this is often the case due to the way of life on yards and at competitions. Tack rooms are filled daily with sugary contents, void of any true nutritional content, to keep both horses, riders and support team going, only to see sugar levels plummet at the end of the day.

As with the horses, you are what you eat, and every single piece of food you put in builds every single cell within your body and therefore has an enormous impact upon your performance as a rider. Every horse has unique nutritional needs and requires different supplements and feed– the same as a rider, what one horse can work well with, can make another horse unable to concentrate and work properly, the exact same as us. At The Hub, our leading sports nutritional expert will assess you as an individual and look at all aspects of your life both on and off a horse. What you need, your likes and dislikes, and most importantly what is sustainable and achievable for you to commit to.

We fully appreciate it is a difficult environment to look after your nutrition as an athlete, however we will do everything we can to help and we are very confident that your results both on and off a horse will speak for themselves.

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What does the first session involve?

Milly will provide you with bespoke recommendations and resources to help fuel you as an athlete, through understanding your training regimen, goals, and lifestyle. By understanding your timings, educating on targeted nutrition, and making supplement recommendations if needed, we will work together to assess and come up with attainable, personal, nutritional goals.

Follow up sessions enable you adjust your nutrition plan accordingly through revisiting your goals, monitoring progress, and looking at what perhaps is and is not working well for you as a rider.

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