Dynamic Laser Therapy

Used for generations for good reason! We use class IV lasers, which are used frequently by leading veterinarians and therapists worldwide. There are some things hands simply cannot do and laser therapy has been evidenced to help a multiple of conditions and is used widely in both human and equestrian sport.

Accelerating the healing process through photobiomodulation, laser can be used for both acute and chronic conditions for both human and equine. It accelerates treatment times, and is often a significantly more comfortable treatment for difficult conditions, providing non invasive treatment. Scientifically proven and used worldwide, its a piece of kit we would struggle to be without. 

We use Pegasus products due to some of there patent pending technology and it is often what most vets will choose on the class IV laser market also. 

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At the hub we like to look at everything and therefore we work together to provide you with a programme that suits you. Its important for us to consider and focus on every aspect and therefore our teams work closely together to help you be the best athlete you can be, at what ever level that be. Our therapists will be heavily focussed on your treatments but we love pilates too and know how important it is for our clients to be moving. So we will often add some into your programme to, but for our pure pilates experts, check out the pilates section below.

Our S&C experts can also help you as an individual or we can work with your whole team at home. Our dream is to have yards working like an F1 team, in which everyone is working together for one another. From the mechanics, engineers, drivers and pit stop team, they all work on their strength and conditioning and make sure everyone is feeling fit and strong to get the most out of that car and that driver, and that is how we think equestrian teams should be too.

We even like our dogs to be treated like F1 athletes. 

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