Dynamic Biomechanics

We are in a new ever progressing era in equestrian sport. No longer can riders rely on ‘horse power’ for podiums and top riders are now looking significantly more in detail at ways they can work on themselves as a rider. Being dyslexic and a rider herself, alongside her career, Dee wanted riders to be able to see and better understand what she and coaches were seeing. Biomechanics clinics have now become one of Dee’s busiest days, working with the highest level riders in all three olympic disciplines. Looking at angles, movement patterns and analytics using a new high tech system, Dee can help bring everything together. 

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You can also combine this with seeing one of our pilates experts. You are also more than welcome to come for two days with numerous horses, and also come with a friend. You can enjoy our pilates studio to yourself or combine the trip with a friend using our beautiful arena, at your yard or even online, we will make a plan to help you.

Riders need specific skills, fitness and general abilities, and therefore the stretches, movements and exercises need to be carefully considered. A show jumper needs similar but different attributes to a dressage rider for example and therefore equestrian but discipline specific pilates is required in some form to your training.

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Contact us to book in for a private session, a two day performance package or for any of our other services at the Hub. For those that live further afield please note we have ample stabling for you to bring multiple horses and we can make sure its on days if needed we are all at The Hub for you. 

We can also help you at your yard (number dependent) and online. Just drop us a message for what you need help with. 

Developed by Hub Founder Dee for complete functional training on and off the horse. Used by some of the worlds leading riders, coaches and Physio’s. Recognised by Horse & Hound, featured at London International and taking off since launch in 2022. EQ Bands are bringing rider performance to the forefront of equestrian sport.

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