The Hub Membership

One facility designated to providing a world class performance hub for horse and rider. We offer three new membership options that have been built around original members feedback. Please see our brochure for all information and contact us for any questions. Of course you are also more than welcome to see us as a non member too & book individual sessions.

Come join us, lots of love, Dee and The Hub Team xx

Hub Membership Application

‘If your everyones cup of tea your a mug’

It is absolutely vital to us that you love working with us and we love working with you.

So if you want to be told your amazing every day and don’t want to be challenged to do better or think deeper, you wont love us (particularly Dee). The Hub is all about helping you perform to the best level you can, so if thats what your after, we’d place a pretty big bet that we’re gunna be your cup of tea.

The Pro membership is our most popular, so we appreciate some of you just want to start with that option. A big Hub philosophy is working out what each athlete needs at that particular time, so lets arrange a call to make sure we tailor it to you.

Just let us know which membership your most interested in and how you feel we can best help you right now?

Try it out!

The vast majority of riders that come to see us for the first time do three or more sessions. Typically Biomechanics, S&C & something else. So we’ve made it easy, pay a one off payment of £250 to come see what The Hub’s all about & experience a bit of Hub Member Life. No commitment, just a chance for you to experience working with us.

Connecting The Dots

After your sessions we will spend a bit of time over a cuppa to Performance Profile; taking time to look at where you are now through feedback from the team and listening to your goals. We will then build a framework with you, whether that be as a member going forward or not, that is entirely bespoke to your needs at that time.

Day stabling is included. Horse or rider evening accommodation or performance psychology can be offered at an additional charge.

We will be in touch to get you all booked in. If you want to do more than the three sessions we can arrange that additionally, just let us know.

On Horse


How often do you focus on you?
A session fuelled by world class basics focussing on your position, mobility, strength and influence in the saddle. With help from EQ Bands and video analysis and your coaches feedback. Dee works with some of the most competitive horses and riders for a reason, this session will test you physically and mentally. But we can promise it will change the way you think and move in the saddle!

Off Horse


Sport is won or lost in our head:
A performance mindset session to clear your mind and proactively think about your goals and how to achieve them


It’s not just your horse that needs to be fit:
A session with one of our equestrian specific strength & conditioning or pilates team members. Linking from biomechanics to make you a better rider.

Rider Treatment

Stop making yourself an after thought:
A treatment with one of our expert therapists, to work on weaker areas found in the saddle. Promoting optimal movement, aid past injuries and prevent any future ones. {Equine treatments available on request/availability}

Why Hub Membership?

  • Culture – a community of riders where no two are the same but who all want to achieve
  • Continuity – we believe in longevity over intensity
  • Teamwork – access to a team of world class experts who communicate and collaborate to get the best out of you for you
  • Accountability – you can count on us to help you, if we can count on you to help yourself
  • Saving – because we value your commitment

Who is The Hub for?

All we ask to anyone joining us at The Hub is that you have an open mindset and desire to improve.

With our permanent stabling and on site accommodation, we have riders travel to The Hub from all over the UK. Our record journey time has been 8 hours. For International clients, don’t worry we’ve still got you covered with many sessions being available online.