Sandie Robertson

Working with teams & individuals Sandie creates strategies that turn into magical transformations.

With a background in mental & physical health. Sandie unlocks winning performances across the globe, obliterating anxieties, self esteem & confidence issues with her clients so they can get back to doing what they love to do. 

From Juniors to Seniors, Grassroots to Olympic Riders..

Sandie’s commitment, dedication & passions to help riders succeed in the saddle & at home in life is contagious. She prides herself on being approachable & non-judgemental & has the ability to ask hard questions with grace.

Gently pushing you to where you need to go to allow change, often without you even knowing it.

I can highly recommend Dee, Sandie and the whole team at the Dynamics Performance Hub.

I participated initially in one of their taster days a few month and was immediately impressed with the set-up and how helpful and supportive everyone was.
Banfield Equestrian has great facilities and provides a relaxing environment both for horse and rider.
I since went back for another training day and had my first few Biomechanics session with Dee. It was amazing how effective making little tweaks in your posture and the way you ride can have on your horse’s way of going and this feedback was then fed back to the trainer who was able to use the notes and insights when teaching me.
The sessions with Sandie have been helpful to focus my mind and how my inner self
can have an effect on my riding and my horse.
Over the years I have always been keeping all aspects of my training very separate but with the team at Dynamic Performance Hub, I feel like I have finally found a network and environment where not only all my aspects of training can be linked together but I am also part of a supportive and friendly community.

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