Sports Nutritionist

Milly works as our Sports Nutritionist (SENr) to support riders in pursuing equestrian excellence through all things food!

On completion of her MSc in Applied Sports Nutrition, Milly has worked with elite-level athletes in a range of sports. This direct involvement has given her the opportunity to witness the significant impact of optimal nutrition on high-level performance and the health and well-being of the athlete. She is also qualified to complete ISAK Level 1 Anthropometric Assessments to measure body composition using the skinfold method.

Food is not only an important performance tool but personal to the individual. Therefore, Milly’s approach is entirely individualised to the athlete. This can come in the form of elevating practical skills such as cooking and food shopping, strategising nutrition for events to enhance performance and recovery, supporting a rider’s relationship with food, and optimising everyday nutrition to fuel the rider for the work required. 

Her aim is to combine the relevant scientific literature with impactful strategies and fun initiatives to achieve individual nutrition success!

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