Matt Wagstaff

Matt WagstaffSports Therapist & Performance Coach

Matt is a sports therapist and performance coach with an in-depth knowledge around injury diagnosis, rehabilitation alongside sports science and performance. Combining a BSc degree in health and exercise science,  MSc in Sports therapy and 7+ years experience in clinical and sports performance settings. 

Matt provides a transitional approach of research based clinical practice alongside side hands on experience to aid injury recovery, optimise health outcomes and improve performance. With experience in multiple settings from the highest level of motor sport and professional rugby to youth athletic development and non-athletic populations. 

Matts approach is always to adapt and cater to the individual patient or athlete and work towards a predetermined or individually formulated goal from the initial assessment onwards.

Thanks Matt!

Having been treated by Matt for an old leg injury his attention to detail and targeted exercises has resulted in muscle recovery. The self help is now established for on going improvement.

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