Matt Cooper

Matt CooperPerformance Coach

Ex Team GB (Alpine downhill skiing) and 30 years of coaching individual and team performance in Sports, Corporate Leadership and Medical settings. Performance Coach to SailGP (team GB), Swiss Olympic 49er athletes and the Swiss, America’s cup youth Team, Matt brings a wealth of experience to The Hub in the form of performance coaching through mindset training. His belief in data science to support peak performance is supported by his design, development and application of Psychometric testing and analysis tools to those environments.

He studied and adapted The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) athlete psychometric testing/evaluation (Robert M. Nideffer). TAIS assessment is used to help people perform under pressure in corporate, sport, and military settings. At the time, the TAIS data baseof approximately 10,000 elite level athletes, comprised 239 individuals who had won at least one Olympic Medal or world championship. These two hundred and thirty nine athletes were competing in 23 different sports. There were 171 males and 68 females. Combined, these individuals had won 113 Olympic Gold Medals, 44 Olympic Silver Medals, 73 Olympic Bronze Medals and 170 World Championships. Drawing insights from such volumes of data can be overwhelming and superposing it onto individual athletes goals and lives, becomes key to successful progress and the reaching of desired objectives from coaching sessions.

Matt supports the growing demand for data analytics in equestrian sports performance and through Entelechy Equestrian (located at The Hub) demystifies the interpretation of data and assessments to support individual growth in equestrian athlete’s performance.

His coaching and advisory services span from: the performance based mindset, lifestyle (attention, fitness, nutrition, sleep), career and motivational choices and supporting the unlocking of barriers to ultimate success.

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