Dee So’oialo

Soft Tissue and Performance specialist to some of the best horse and rider combinations in the world, and working alongside top experts in their field, Dee So’oialo is making her mark on equestrian athletic performance. One of only 20 therapists in the UK to be qualified in rider and equine Fascial Manipulation and combining performance analysis with rider strength and conditioning. Dee supports optimal rider and equine athletic performance and is changing the way we think about the horse and rider relationship.

Dee created Dynamic Performance Hub, with the wish to have everyone working as a team for optimal performance whilst creating a base that is fun, welcoming and inspiring. Together Dee and Callum have created this and more, from the practitioners, world class caches and top class facilities with both their own expertise and being a great team together.

Dee works with both horses and rider individually through soft tissue treatment and strength and conditioning and as a combination through biomechanics. Always looking at every aspect of performance for both and working with the wider team. 

Dee has a true love for horses and she invests highly in them and the riders she works with.

Hard work but definitely worth it!

I was a bit sceptical to begin with when Dee pointed out I didn’t even walk properly!! I have had brilliant Zoom sessions with both Dee and Lauren and they are both thorough and perceptive. I’ve also seen the value of riding with EQ bands guided by Dee.
Sue Orpen

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