Our Partners

We choose to only work with brands and individuals that we feel 100% confident in recommending to our clients


Ariat® was founded in 1993 on technology and innovation with the goal of making the highest quality footwear and apparel for the world’s top equestrian athletes. Ariat® now sets the standard for performance, innovation, and authentic style in both riding and country footwear and apparel.

Dee’s partnership with Ariat enables her to always be working in the very best performance kit, and with psychology being a big aspect of The Hub, wearing apparel and footwear that not only looks superb but feel’s it too is unparalleled.

Ariat is without doubt a name integrated into equestrian sport around the world and to be partnered with them is inconceivable.


RockTape have been partners for many years now and as always we tape riders and horses everyday, wth the very best tape on the market. It also just happens to come in some rather awesome colours and patterns, but the therapists and many of the riders couldn’t do without it now. The postural awareness it gives riders is one of our favourite things and for the horses their proprioception.

RockTape is used by some of the greatest athletes in the world and is frequently seen at Olympic Games, and is now common amongst elite riders.

Harry Skyes Videography

Harry is the Executive producer/Director of Horse & Country TV and has worked with some of the biggest brands, names and venues in the country, including; Bolesworth Castle, BETA, Mount St Johns, BEDE Events, Arena UK, Eventful Life, AUS Olympic Team, BLISS of London and Michael Owen. From creating specific social media content to high quality promotional TV adverts, Harry covers a wide range of videography needs with a specialist eye for equestrian sport and brands.


Used by many of the worlds leading dressage riders, coaches and myself in biomechanics for years! WHIS are the leading headset providers and its something I would really struggle to do my job without.

You want to be able to focus on you and your horse, without having to worry about the equipment and get the most out of your training and competitions. It is therefore so important to not have to focus on what someone is trying to say shouting across an arena. It’s an aspect of the sport that cannot be under estimated in terms of response, feedback and learning from both rider and those on the floor.


For those who refuse second best

Plae flooring is the best high performance flooring in the world. With countless research by leading universities such as Loughborough who have also kitted out their entire sports facility with Plae, to the Blue Jays Toronto, Leicester City, Cricket Australia, IMG, Virgin Active, Everton, Aston Villa, Lamborghini to name just a few.

We wanted to know we had the very best performance floor at The Hub and so Plae was the only choice.

Rehab My Patient

Riders have a lot of things to think about and so its important their programmes are really easy to follow. All programmes come with a description and HD videos of each exercise, with over 2000 exercises and stretches, all of which riders can download or print. At The Hub we provide bespoke programmes for all our athletes at all different levels and could not be without this system.


Ag+ Equine Bio Security Specialists
provide a comprehensive equine disinfecting service using a high-pressure vapour machine. They help keep The Hub’s
pathogen level to a minimum, promoting the health and well-being of the athletes that come in here, as well as treating and preventing infectious diseases. Its something that is vitally important to us and the sport in general.

Pilates Scandinavia

There are reformers and then there is Pilates Scandinavia reformers! We believe ours looks like a work of art, and that is exactly how they are made. Sometimes the simplest things are the most functional and beautiful.

Our partnership with Pilates Scandinavia is a special one, driven by ‘great minds think alike’. Elisabet, Fredrik Prag and their daughter all love and have worked with horses and have seen the huge benefits Pilates for riders brings. Together we want to show riders how much pilates can help them, both on and off the horse. We also love the similarities this particular reformer brings for the equestrian athlete, with leather handles, straps.