About The Hub

The Dynamic Performance Hub was born from Dee So’oialo’s ambition to create an environment of performance for both horse and rider; a central base where ideas and practitioner expertise collaborate and implement multiple elements needed for the equestrian athlete. By combining with Banfield Equestrian, we offer a Hub for world class performance through trainers, practitioners and facilities.


was always in the name from day one in 2014, and has become very much the identity of not only the brand, but Dee herself. ‘Dynamic Dee’ often gets used amongst clients due to her ability to think outside the box. In equestrian sport we believe that this is exactly what riders and horses need to be to perform at their best, so it fits well.


is at the heart of everything we do. It is our belief and passion to give people and horses at all levels the ability to perform at their best.


refers to ‘the central part of a wheel, rotating on or with the axle, and from which the spokes radiate’. From the hub based in Gloucestershire, arguably also the home of equestrian sport, there is access to a multitude of different experts in their field, all of which can be tailored to suit your individual personality, sporting and discipline specific needs.


is unique to many other sports in that, of course, not only are there two athletes, but also that often riders are based at their own facilities and therefore there is no central place in which all parts of that wheel operate from. Due to this, there can often be miscommunication and areas not fully investigated or pursued. 

The Dynamic Performance Hub offers riders a place to work on both themselves and their horses in world class facilities with world class experts that work together to make everything and everyone connected to the common goal. This is not just through the team at the hub but your team at home also. It is heavily shown, both in sporting success and research, that athletes that feel supported and connected in a multitude of aspects are far likelier to achieve goals and ambitions than those that are not. We get to know you, your horse(s) and aim to help you access what you need and work as a Dynamic team.

Finding a premises for this unique establishment was incredibly difficult as there were so many different obstacles. However ‘good things come to those that wait’ and Banfield Equestrian was the perfect base, offering more opportunities to clients, both for facilities with a stunning new barn for rider strength and conditioning, treatment, consultations, newly purpose built stables, an arena, parking for both cars and lorries with full hook up and relaxing facilities. Along with overnight accommodation for both horse and rider and regular clinics.

We want your time here to feel like ‘home from home’. 

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