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About Dynamic Performance Hub

Dynamic Performance Hub was born from Dee So'oialo's ambition to create an environment for optimal performance for the horse and rider; the first of its kind and a central base where the ideas and expertise of some of the best professionals in the industry, can collaborate and implement all elements needed for the equestrian athlete.

Dee So'oialo

Our team

Charlie Unwin
Matt Wagstaff
Dee So'oialo
Sandie Robertson
Lottie Keble
Caroline Moore
Caitlin Burgess
Dr Sue Dyson
Lisa Cooper
Matt Cooper
Milly Boorman
Kate Thomas
Jenna Ashford


Are you a coach wanting to deliver excellence and promote peak performance, whilst generating a new revenue stream?

Developed for complete functional training on and off the horse. With ten small, and two larger loops sewn in, they can be used in a mutitide of very simplistic but incredibly effective ways.